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Panel frame houses manufacturing started to develop in Europe about fifty years ago. The majority of population of Canada, USA (including Alaska), Norway, Finland and Germany lives in the houses of such type.

Over the last ten years the technology of panel frame houses manufacturing has greatly improved due to use of new equipment and materials. Modern panel frame houses are as good as wooden or stone houses and sometimes they even exceed the latter in terms of quality.

Today the newest German technologies are introduced to the Russia market.

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Considering the tendencies of the universal cottage building, the company Sodruzhestvo has built an automatic factory for producing wooden panel frame houses of cottage type. The factory is supplied with SEMA software and high technology equipment of the German concern HOMAG (Weimann company equipment) and the group of companies Weinig AG, which allows to make the production process fully automatic.

At the automatic factory, we use as little manual labor as possible. This provides for transferring from hand work at construction area to computer-aided house manufacturing at the factory. The production process is operated by highly qualified specialists, who have been trained in Germany. Since panels are manufactured in factorial conditions, they are produced with high precision in terms of size. That provides for fast installment and little expenses for inner finishing works of the houses.

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Raw materials for long-span glued structures are supplied by the branch of Sodruzhestvo in Novgorod. We use dry, automatically processed timber of European quality and universal standards. Therefore, our customers can be absolutely certain in reliability and durability of the raw materials we use for house manufacture.

Sodruzhestvo also manufactures wooden doors and wooden multiple-glazed windows. We install windows in the houses right at the factory.

Therefore, we can transport 90% of the ready for use house right from the automatic factory to the construction area. Every panel is delivered to the construction spot with a protective cover - this lets us conduct construction works despite any weather conditions.

Houses built according to this technology are ecological and have both warmth and power-saving characteristics.


There are 12 reasons to choose a house from Sodruzhestvo:

1. Quality.

We manufacture our houses from prefabricated elements that have been produced with high precision at constant temperature and humidity with the use of German equipment. We constantly conduct quality control at the factory.

A house from Sodruzhestvo will be at your service for many years!

2. Ecology.

For manufacturing our houses we use modern ecologically pure "breathing" raw materials and timber. Ecological balance creates comfortable climate in the house.

Feel comfortable in the house from Sodruzhestvo!

3. Low exploitation costs.

Houses built according to this technology are ecological and have both warmth and power-saving characteristics. The structure of the house provides for stable warmth characteristics of the house throughout the year - much less time and power resources are needed for heating a panel frame house than a stone or wooden house. Panel houses keep warmth much longer and low heat capacity of the house structures allows using integrated heating system.

You save everyday!

4. Great house for less money!

High quality of the inner surfaces of our houses will let you save on finishing works costs that are normally quite large. Light bases of the houses and short terms of construction works also decrease expenses.

Short terms of construction works lead to saving your money!

5. The house is there in a few days!

There's no magic! A house is delivered from the automatic factory being ready for 90%, which lets us install it for just few days! Finishing works can be started immediately and finished in just several weeks.

Live today!

6. Finishing works are easy and comfortable.

There are walls and there's a roof as your house arrives to the construction spot. Therefore, finishing works can be completed in dry and comfortable conditions. Drywall is the last inner layer to be put. You won't need to fill in the cracks anymore.

7. Fixed date of moving into the house.

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today! Fixed terms of contruction works let you know when exactly you can move into your new house.

You get your house turnkey - what could be easier?

8. Fixed price guaranteed.

According to the contract, the prices are fixed for all items. This will let you foresee your investments and get a credit if necessary.

Plan you expenses!

9. All components produced by one company.

All works are conducted by one company. That means that the only company is responsible for finishing work on time.
Our experience in construction work is over 15 years.

Sodruzhestvo is a reliable partner!

10. Large selection of architecture variations.

The design bureau of Sodruzhestvo has elaborated 20 basic house projects. Right now, the bureau is working on increasing the number of models. Moreover, it can fulfill any individual project.
Computer-aided process based on basic drafts provides for producing any house set in the automatic mode.

Build the house of your dreams!

11. You make choice of facade decoration and nearby territory development.

We offer you two ways of facade covering
1.   facade covering fulfilled at the factory. We use clinker and style plastering
2.  facade covering carried at the construction spot - we use brick or stone

We make your every wish come true!

12.Our projects are unique.

There is plenty of natural light in our houses. This is possible due to large glazed surfaces and using power-saving technologies. Even being inside the house you can feel a connection with nature. Modern and convenient house planning lets you use all space of the house with comfort. If necessary, you can transform the space inside the house the way you want.

Enjoy living in the house of sun and harmony!


The disputable advantages of the houses built according the technology we offer are - high precision of manufacturing (since houses are produced at the automatic factory for 90%), short terms of works at the construction spot and high efficiency of construction works and exploitation.


Sales department:   (812) 716-42-24   

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