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Cottages, country housse, panel frame houses - construction and architectural design in Saint Petersburg, automatic factory for manufacturing panel frame houses of cottage type and cottages.



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Today the capacity of the automatic factory HAUS-KONZEPT Sodruzhestvo is 32 000 m2 of dwelling areas per year.
During the modrnization process of 2006-2007 the company plans to increase the capacity of the factory up to 120 000 m2 of dwelling area per year.

The company also plans to put in operation the factory for manufacturing long-span glued wooden structures.
Planned capacity of the factory is 24 000 m2 per year, span of structures is 30-36 m, that of arc structures is up to 60 m.

Such structures can be used for building mini hotels, industrial buildings, storage facilities, sport complexes, covered stadiums, and water parks. The technology based on applying long-span structures has been used in Europe for constructing sport anf public buildings for many years now.

The company plans to invest 10,5 mln euros in the modernization process.


Sales department:   (812) 716-42-24   

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