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Cottages, country houses, panel frame houses - construction and architectural design in Saint Petersburg, auitomatic factory for manufacturing panel frame houses of cottage type and cottages.



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Country house

COTTAGES, COUNTRY HOUSES AND PANEL FRAME HOUSES: cottage design, manufacture and construction

If you are looking for a cottage or a country house, which combines comfort and usability
and blends style with modern European technologies, a panel frame house
"from HAUS-KONZEPT "Sodruzhestvo " is the right choice for you!

Wooden panel frame houses, country houses and cottages constructed from prefabricated elements on the basis of glued long-span structutres produced at the automatic factory HAUS-KONZEPT Sodruzhsetvo in Saint Petersburg represent essentially new type of dwelling of European quality in Russia. These are environment-friendly, warm and economical in maintenance houses for permanent residence.

Design of cottages, country houses and panel frame house

Design of cottages, country houses and panel frame houseA project of a cottage is elaborated by the architect's bureau. For design and calculations needed for projecting wooden panel frame houses of cottage type we use the computer programs of the company "SEMA" (Germany). They allow us to fully automate all stages of work - from creating a project of a cottage to calculating all necessary materials and making construction schedule. More about cottage design

Manufacture of cottages, country houses and panel frame housesManufacture of cottages, country houses and panel frame housese

For cottage manufacture we use the software of the concern "Homag" and the group of companies "Weinig". We use the computer program of the company SEMA (Germany) for fulfilling the following stages of cottage manufacturing.

Construction of cottages, country houses and panel frame houses

cottages, country houses and panel frame housesThe process of cottage construction may begin simultaneously with the start of house manufacturing. In accordance to the customers' need, we conduct the works of attaching the house to the area and start building the base of the cottage.

For building the foundation and the basement we use special German equipment that provides for evening the surfaces with high precision. More about cottage construction

Prices of cottages, country houses and panel frame houses

Prices of cottages, country houses and panel frame housesPrices of basic cottage model including

inner engineering networks
exterior finishing works
preparation for final finishing works
high quality window and balcony blocks
entrance door
from Rouble for m2
More about cottage prices
cottage, cottage
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Sales department:   (812)716-42-24   


There are 4 reasons to buy a cottage from HAUS-KONZEPT Sodruzhestvo

  • Design - 90% of design and manufacture conducted in computer-aided mode.

  • Modern contemporary materials of a wooden cottage.

  • Modern German technologies and equipment applied for building panel frame houses and country houses.

  • Your house will be 90% ready when delivered to the construction spot!









Group of companies Sodruzhestvo

Sales department:   (812) 716-42-24   

Group of companies SODRUZHESTVO
Sodruzhestvo: Construction of apartments and cottages in Saint Petersburg Manufacture of wooden windows, doors and staircases for houses Cottages, country house and panel frame houses Sodruzhestvo Timber Company: timber of European standards EN 338 and BS 4978 Cottage village GREEN HILLS  

Great offer for construction companies!

we sell construction structures sets for building houses directly from the factory Haus-Konzept Sodruzhestvo

tel. (812) 448-52-61
(812) 716-42-24

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