Panel frame houses manufactured from prefabricated elements,
automatic factory,
Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA

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of the automatic factory HAUS-KONZEPT Sodruzhestvo

On January 26, 2005 the company held an official opening ceremony of the HAUS-KONZEPT Sodruzhestvo automatic factory. The factory is aimed for manufacturing panel frame wooden houses of cottage type.

The first line of the factory was launched in August 2004. After launching the second line aimed for producing long-span glued structures, the factory started working at full capacity.

The investments into building the factory and launching the first line were 2 mln 600 thousand euros and 800 thousand euros were invested into the second line of the factory. 50% of the investments were provided by Sodruzhestvo and the other 50% were supplied on credit by Promstroybank and the company Baltiyskiy Leasing.
In order to locate the factory, Sodruzhestvo bought production space of 4,5 thousand m2 at the territory of Izhorskiy factory in the town of Kolpino.

The company plans to recoup the factory project in 3 years.

Cottage town house in Saint Petersburg town house wooden panel frame house: vice-governor of Saint Petersburg Alexander Vakhmistrov at opening ceremony of the automatic factory
Vice-governor Alexander Vakhmistrov gives a speech at the opening ceremony of the automatic factory

Today the factory conducts the entire cycle of work from making a project of a house to manufacturing it. 90% of manufacturing is conducted in computer-aided mode.

Houses produced at the factory are aimed as at individual customers, as at construction companies. It's necessary to mention that Sodruzhestvo also uses produced houses for its own construction projects.

The holding also fulfills different state order, for example, for the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations.

Despite the fact that panel frame houses have been widely used in Europe and USA for the last 50 years the technology of manufacturing such houses sharply changed in the last decade due to new materials and equipment.
Now, the newest German technologies have been introduced to the Russian market. Sodruzhestvo has made a contract about equipment supply, installment and setup with the German concern HOMAG (equipment of the German company Weinmann) and the group of companies Weinig AG. Sodruzhestvo also signed a contract with the company SEMA about software supply.
German specialists assist in conducting the process of transferring the factory to working at full capacity and help in the process of structures' installment and setup.

Cottage town house in Saint Petersburg town house wooden panel frame house
In his speech, the representative of the German company Weining pointed to high quality of the results of mutual collaboration.
Cottage town house in Saint Petersburg town house wooden panel frame house
Cottage town house in Saint Petersburg town house wooden panel frame house

'We have always wanted to build houses using contemporary technologies of the 21st century and not of the 19th', the CEO of Sodruzhestvo, Vladimir Ivanov says.
- One of such advanced technologies is computer-aided manufacture of panel frame wooden houses that are produced with application of long-span glued structures. We have just recently put into operation a factory for producing such up-to-date houses. For Russia, where there is concentrated 1/3 of the world's forest reserve, it is not only a large step forward in construction technologies but also a solution of a politically significant problem because now we can export ready products and not just raw materials'.

 : CEO of SODRUZHESTVO Vladimit IVANOV and the vice-governor of Saint Petersburg Aexander VAKHMISTROV
CEO of Sodruzhestvo
Vladimir Ivanov and vice-governor Alexander Vakhmistrov at the opening ceremony of the automatic factory.

Operating two-shift, the automatic factory HAUS-KONZEPT Sodruzhestvo produces 2500 m2 of dwelling area per month. At the average, it is about 120 houses of 250 m2 of total area each a year.In the nearest future, the capacity of the factory will be increased up to 5 000 m2 of dwelling area per month.

Sodruzhestvo increases its own capacities. For instance, in March 2007, the holding put into operation an autonomous manufacture with the capacity of 25 000 m3 of structures a year.

The automatic factory HAUS-KONZEPT SODRUZHESTVO is a part of the Sodruzhestvo Holding, one of the leading companies of Saint Petersburg in the realm of comfort class house building. The holding also contains Sodruzhestvo Timber company and manufacture for joinery construction structures. This manufacture is aimed for producing wooden window and balcony blocks and provides the houses of HAUS-KONZEPT with window and balcony glazed blocks.

By launching another enterprise the management of the holding continues the policy of introducing newest environmentally-friendly technologies for producing the goods of European standards to the Russian market as well as deep raw materials processing for exporting ready products.


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