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The technology of building houses from prefabricated elements used by HAUS-KONZEPT Sodruzhestvo is very effective for conducting large amounts of works.

Today the automatic factory HAUS-KONZEPT Sodruzhestvo is able to supply wooden long-span glued structures that can provide the span of a building up to 30 meters.

Manufacturing capacities of the factory allow to produce 32 thousand m2 of dwelling houses a year.

After the modernization in July 2007 the company will have increased its capacity up to 120 thousand m2 of dwelling area a year.

Also, in April 2007 Sodruzhestvo launched a factory for manufacturing long-span glued wooden structures, including arc structures up to 60 meters long.

Houses produced by HAUS-KONZEPT SOdruzhestvo can be used

Cottage town house in Saint Petersburg wooden panel frame house country house wooden house panel frame house, country house cottage turnkey construction, factory produced house, automatic factory HAUS-KONZEPT Sodruzhestvo HAUS-KONZEPT


  • Saint Petersburg - 10%; Leningradskaya oblast - 70%;
  • Germany - 5%;
  • The share of Sodruzhestvo in panel frame house building in Saint Petersburg and Leningradskaya oblast is 70%.


  • Architectural design
  • Manufacture
  • Construction
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee service
  • House sets sale




We provide high quality of our production by

  • Applying modern technologies that ensure high precision of manufacture
  • Using essentially new materials
  • Manufacturing walls and coverings at the factory at constant temperature and humidity levels
  • Producing units and details applying German equipment that has been tested over years in the sphere of panel house building

High quality of living

  • Our houses are environmentally friendly - all components and details correspond with quality standards registered in the European Union
  • For our houses we use much wood and that creates warm and cozy atmosphere. A 200 m2 house contains about 70 m3 of wood.

Unlimited selection of architectural treatments

Applying new technologies in design and construction allows us to consider and fulfill almost any architectural wish of our customers.

Low exploitation costs

  • Our wooden houses keep warmth much longer than brick houses because of newest effective materials that we use and high quality joints
  • Low heat of structures and the possibility to use integrated heating system

High rates of construction works

  • House manufacture at production line at the factory takes from 1 to 2 weeks
  • House setup and installment take from 1 to 3 days

Low cost of finishing works

  • Walls and covering surfaces are of high quality
  • Windows installed yet at the factory, which doesn't require any additional finishing works that are normally quite expensive and take long time
  • Unlike brick houses, wooden panel houses have no pulls after installment, which allows customers to start interior finishing works immediately after house setup. Meanwhile, interior finishing works in a brick house are recommended to begin a year after the construction works were finished.

Low cost of construction

  • Wooden panel houses are lighter than traditional massive buildings, which reduces the load at the house foundation and allows to make it cheaper
  • Due to short terms of construction process, our customers have a precise outline of their future investments into their new house and they can count on a fixed price. The company and the customer sign a contract, which states fixed price and terms of construction works.

The disputable advantages of the houses built according the technology we offer are - high precision of manufacturing (since houses are produced at the automatic factory for 90%), short terms of works at the construction spot and high efficiency of construction works and exploitation.

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