Wooden panel frame houses from prefabricated elements,
automatic factory,
Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA

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Larisa Mikerova, the head of Dacha project:

'Our project is a high class recreation family camp locates in the village of Roshino. The camp contains a cottage complex of 30 houses, a hotel and a restaurant. During the time span between November 2006 and March 2007 we built more than half of the cottages.

Being a business corporation we were interested in short terms of construction works that would allow us to quickly compensate investments. Therefore, when deciding on the house type, we chose wooden panel framed houses. This type seemed most advantageous for our project - we liked the heat thermal insulation qualities of the houses, their durability and outlook, which corresponds with customer's ideas about how a beautiful house should look like. It was also very important for us to have construction works finished in quite a short time. After we figured all significant parameters, the list of the companies, which could meet our demands, became much shorter - all together it could only be provided by the company Sodruzhestvo since it conducts both manufacture and construction works. We visited the factory and learned that the automatic mode applied for house manufacture was the reason for high speed of production. That was another thing that strengthened our choice of Sodruzhestvo as a partner.

Today we are not disappointed with the quality of Sodruzhestvo work. Small problems that arise in the construction process are easy to solve, this is a kind of problems that appear in every work. Cottage construction works will be finished by summer'.


Mikhail Volk, the head of construction department of the administration of Primorsky district of Saint Petersburg :

'Panel framed houses are much cheaper and are of high manufacturability. They can be built in short terms. All these factors are solid grounds for developing this type of house building. These houses have good exploitation qualities, they are environmentally-friendly and ecological, which is highly important for child care and child health institutions.

Since this technology of house building is new for us yet, it is extremely important that it is being introduced to the market by the large and well-known company with a good reputation, which allowed it to win the tender.


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