Wooden panel frame houses from prefabricated elements ,
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  ENGINEERING SYSTEMS of cottages and town houses.


1. Heating system
2. Ventilation system
3. Water-supply system
4. Water-drain system
5. Electrical equipment system


1. Heating system:

1.1 List of works.
1.1.1 Heating system distributive collector assembly.
1.1.2 Hot-wiring in thermal insulation.
1.1.3 Radiators (convecor heares) installment.
1.1.4 Temperature control equipment installment, radiator connection.
1.1.5 System testing.
1.2 List of applied materials.
1.2.1 Pipe: molecular polyethylene with anti-diffuse layer ALPHACAN (France).
1.2.2 Heat insulation ENERGOFLEX (Russia).
1.2.3 Pipe fittings COMAP (France).
1.2.4 Distributive collectors TIEMME (Italy).
1.2.5 Pipe brackets ALPHA CO (France)
1.2.6 Radiators KERMI.
1.2.7 Heat control equipment TIEMME (Italy).



2. Ventilation system:

2.1 List of works.
2.1.1 Ventialation channels assembly.
2.1.2 System testing.
2.2 List of applied materials.
2.2.1 Spiral-welded pipe of galvanized steel LISSANT (Russia).
2.2.2 Connections fittings of galvanized steel LISSANT.



3. Water-supply system:

3.1 List of works.
3.1.1 Water-supply system distributive collector assembly.
3.1.2 Laying pipes of cold and hot water supply in thermal insulation from collector closet in the bolier plant to sanitary arrangements and kitchen.
3.1.3 Water sockets instalation in bathrooms and kitchens, pipeline connection.
3.1.4 Plug installment.
3.1.5 System testing.
3.2 List of applied materials.
3.2.1 Pipe: molecular polyethylene with anti-diffuse layer WATTS (EU).
3.2.2 Heat insulation ENERGOFLEX (Russia).
3.2.3 Pipe fittings COMAP (France).
3.2.4 Pipe brackets ALPHA CO (France).
3.2.5 Distributive collectors TIEMME (Italy).



4. Water-drain system.

4.1 List of works.
4.1.1 Laying canalization pipelines in the foundation, constructing passage through ferroconcrete floors and ceilings.
4.1.2 Pipe risers assembly.
4.1.3 Canalization system assembly.
4.1.4 Development of ventilation of pipe risers throogh specisl channels in the roof.
4.1.5 Plug installment to all flared ends.
4.1.6 System testing.
4.2 List of applied materials.
4.2.1 Pipe: polypropylene, diameter - 110, 50, 40, POLITEK (Russia).
4.2.2 Fittings - NICOLL (France).
4.2.3 Glue GEB (France).



5. Electrical equipment system:

5.1 List of works.
5.1.1 System of inner electric light assembly.
5.1.2 Cable of inner socket sytem assembly.
5.1.3 Adjustment and coupler boxes assembly.
5.1.4 Assembly of potential equalization system.
5.1.5 Assembly and connection of electric shield.
5.1.6 Electric scheme of the house assembly.
5.2 List of applied materials.
5.2.1 Power cable with copper cords and PVC insulation produced by ВВГ НГ, (Russia).
5.2.2 Wire with copper cord and PVC insulation by ВВГ НГ, (Russia).
5.2.3 Adjustment and coupler boxes for drywall.
5.2.4 Electric shield assembled with circuit-breakers and residual curent devices by IEK (Russia).



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